a few files I've put together

Randy's book recommendations
Randy Newman is certainly one of the best read songwriters. Here's a list of some of the books he especially likes.

Taiwanese CD wraparounds
In Taiwan, most Western CDs come wrapped with a small piece of heavy paper wrapped around the spine, giving information in Chinese about the CD. I've scanned the wraparounds for several of Randy's CDs, as well as the covers for CDs that include Chinese.

"Eating the Peach"
A comparison of the R. Dahl's original lyrics with the version Randy did for the movie of James and the Giant Peach.

Best Song
The Newmans and the Best Song Academy Awards.

Best Score
The Newmans and the Best Score Academy Awards.

Little Criminals Interview
Randy Newman's Feb. 2001 interview with the members of his Internet fan club.

Ally McBeal interview
The Web interview Randy did just before the airing of the episode of Ally McBeal that featured his songs.

Karen's photo
Her photo from the magazine ad.

Thomas Anderson
A site I made for another great songwriter. There are still a few loose ends I need to fix, but it's basically ready now.

Information about the nature of the Chinese writing system, and the many myths that have been spread about it.

My main site. Information about Taiwan and China, including giving Chinese New Year dates all the way into the twenty-seventh century. Wretched excess can be fun. One of these days I'll get around to finishing the site....

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