Of the Situation, Magnitude, and Division of the ISLE

THE Island Formosa, which by the Natives is called in their Language Gad Avia, from Gad, Beautiful, and Ivia an Isle, and by the Chinese is called Pacando, is one of the most Pleasant and Excellent of all the Asiatick Isles, whether we consider the convenient Situation, the healthful Air, the fruitful Soil, or the curious Springs and useful Rivers' and rich Mines of God and Silver wherewith it abounds for it enjoys many advantages which other Islands want, and wants none of those which they have.

Formosa and Japan, are the remotest parts towards the East, which are hitherto known or discovered, and so they are the first Countries that are visited with the Rays of the Morning Sun. Formosa has on the North side Japan, distant about 200 Leagues; on the North and West, China, from which it is distant about 6o Leagues; and on the South side Luconia, from which it is distant about 100 Leagues.

This Isle Formosa extends it self in length from North to South above 70 Leagues, and in breadth from East to West, is Leagues, being about 130 Leagues in Circumference. It is divided into five Isles, whereof two are called Avias dos Lardonos, or the Isles of Thieves, the third is called Great Peorko, the fourth Little Peorko, and the fifth, which lies in the middle, and is called Kahoski, or the Principal Island, is greatest, of all the five, being 17 Leagues in length and 15 in breadth, is most strictly called Gad Avia, or the Island Formosa; tho' all the rest, which for distinction sake, are called by several Names, are comprehended under the General Name of Formosa; and in this Sense we shall use the Word in the following Account of this Isle.

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